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My Baby Is As Pretty As A Car Crash
liars make honest friends
I'm going to start back on my journals tonight. I think thats a… 
25th-Feb-2009 05:14 pm

I'm going to start back on my journals tonight. I think thats a good idea.

I was dignosed today with anxiety disorder. which can cause seizures I guess but maybe not. my proff said OMG YES YOU ARE SOOOO AN ANXIETY PERSON in the good way teachers say it. my meeting with him was suppose to be 10 minutes, it was 30 and people were waiting too.

The nice thing is... well a couple things
1) no meds.
2) clean room!
3) no meds.
4) it's self treatable.

I mean I could need meds but would rather not.

Also, in the drama/acting talk ihad with my proff he as like "you are a very talented actor. you must be one till the day you die."
and i said "i want to teach it" and he said "well good, but your resume should say actor on it."
it was brillance. i am so happy someone sees soemthing like that in me. He's an excellent judge of character.

the other negati thing today was i didnt get the arts therapist postion i wanted at camp but thats ok. camp is camp. i'm good at what i do there and they made sure to tell me that.

i went shopping and bought like 2 boxs of perogies becasue they were on sale. and some soda. and some hot sauce. tonight is my first night off since reading week and i intend on eating well. because next step is a healthy diet.

ps. i a having random addictions to french. i miss it.

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